Introducing PageOne

United Software Technologies is excited to announce the launch of PageOne. PageOne gives business owners, marketers, and anyone in between access to create blogs, meta descriptions, focus key phrases, and images all by entering a few words. Making SEO easier for anyone to do.

How PageOne Works


When you want to go post a blog, all you need to do is go to the PageOne plugin page on the left sidebar in your admin page. When there you are given the option to enter keywords and select if you want to generate an image. All you need to do is enter the keywords you want to rank for and select if you want to generate an image. We currently only offer 4 different image types with more to come. Once you have all the forms filled out, just click generate and let our software go to work. It will generate a title, blog content and an image if you chose that. All you need to do after that is click publish and it will send it out. More features will be coming to this shortly to make blog posting even better. While this is still in early development, some content may be shorter and not to your liking. We realize that and will continue updating the software to make it better over time.

Meta Descriptions and Key Phrases:

To generate a meta description and key phrase for Yoast, just enter the link for the post you want to generate for. This will crawl your site and create the content all with a few clicks. Once it has the content it takes you to the post that you requested and you can review to make sure that the descriptions are what you want. All content is editable so if you don’t like a certain word or phrase you can go in and make small changes.


As PageOne is in beta currently we are only offering a small amount of options as we refine everything to make it a perfect application for everyone that has a WordPress site. We are also planning to expand this to other platforms like Shopify and even websites that don’t do plugins.

Why PageOne

PageOne takes all the hard work of coming up with blog titles, content to go with that title and then even having to come up with meta descriptions and focus key phrases which causes you to have to know SEO. With our tool this makes SEO available to everyone at a small cost that any small business or individual can afford.

How To Get PageOne

PageOne is available today starting at $19.99 a month with a 14-day free trial. You get 16 blog posts a month, crawling of 20 pages and as long as you have blog tokens you can generate images. You can checkout our packages here.

Once you make your purchase it will give you a download to PageOne and then all you need to do is go into WordPress and install the plugin. You will also get an email with an access token and a license key, you will need to this to activate the software. Once you have the plugin installed, go to settings and enter the license key and access token you got in the email and click save. After you do that, you can start using the app for 14 days free to get a feel of how it works and make sure it’s a fit for your website.


As we are in beta testing we are taking feedback from our users that use the plugin. You can submit reports here. We are looking for bugs, new features you want to see, or just general comments that you want to share with us about PageOne.

United Software Technologies is excited to launch PageOne and get it out to the public for use. We have been working on this for a few months now, refining and making it an app that we would want to use on our own site, and we have used on our own site. Enjoy using PageOne as much as we have!

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