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Full Ownership

You own 100% of the software we develop for you, which means no more subscriptions or royalty fees. If you want to add more features to the software later, that’s no problem because you have full control.


With our custom built solution, you’ll never have to worry if you can add a feature or change the software. Now you business software can grow and change with your business.

Competitive Advantage

With a custom built solution you can boost your companies performance while also adding value to your companies asset’s

Software Development Done Right

Our software development services give your business an advantage over competitors with your own custom software geared to your business and best built for your customers.

Custom Software Services

Enterprise Applications

Need a custom ERP application for your business? Our team creates dynamic, innovative software for critical business processes and functions for inventory, construction management, accounting, HR, and more. 

SaaS Applications

We have the knowledge to tackle the challenges and opportunities with SaaS solutions. We use our expertise and experience to build your Saas solution on time and on budget.

Advanced Web Applications

Creating web applications with the most up-to-date technologies is our specialty. Therefore we can handle everything from design to implementation and support of your solution, whatever your business size, industry, or needs.

Ecommerce Applications

Does your business sell products or services? We help develop a custom eCommerce application to have a competitive advantage. As a result, we streamline your payment, inventory, reporting, and security systems to keep you thriving. 


Our experts build Android, iOS, and other Hybrid mobile applications that can be either standalone or integrated with a web application. Most importantly, we ensure your app passes acceptance standards and is published quickly.

Legacy Applications

All businesses need to innovate to stay relevant. We help to take your older applications and make them up-to-date. We rebuild systems to be more user-friendly and efficient based on new technologies.

Third-Party Applications

If you need to connect or need support for third-party applications, we can help develop solutions to meet your needs. We work with you to benchmark the quality of the application, so you have a clear picture of what it needs and where to go.

Product Applications

From your idea to prototyping to release, we can help your company with the entire product development life cycle. We use our expertise to build innovative solutions for your business.

Our Development Process


To ensure the success of our project, we must first analyze your requirements and build a team of developers. Once the team is in place, we can then move on to preparing our technical documents and creating a basic design for the project. This will ensure that all aspects of the project are properly planned and accounted for.


At United Software Technologies, we use the agile method to ensure that development goes smoothly and efficiently. Every week we provide progress updates so that you can stay informed and involved in the project. Additionally, while developing, we preform user testing to make sure that all components are working correctly and that the product meets all specifications.


We preform continuous server monitoring to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. If we find any bugs, we get our developers to fix them right away so that you can have a great user experience. We also provide you with general client support, so if you have any questions or need any help with the server, don't hesitate to contact us.


Before deployment, we take extra steps to make sure that everything is up to standard. We verify with you to make sure that all of the necessary components have been implemented and that the website meets your desired specifications. Once done with development, we deploy it onto our public servers under your domain name

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