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Looking to take your company to the next level but don’t want to pay monthly fees? We can help your business do this at an affordable rate that any small business can afford. By using state of the art technology we develop software quickly and well within budgets to make your business more efficient.

Creating a website on your own can be time consuming or cost businesses more money than they want to spend. United Software Technologies takes both of those worries away from business. We make creating a website affordable and easy for businesses of all sizes so they no longer have to worry about it.

In todays online landscape SEO is important to get your business seen on the internet and get their products in front of customers. But SEO in the past has been very expensive, especially to smaller companies. We make SEO affordable so that your business gets seen by the right customers.

PageOne is an SEO automation tool designed to make SEO cheaper and a more do-it-yourself tool that anyone can pickup and use with zero experience. It offers automated blog creation, meta descriptions creation, image generation and keyword research tools, all packed into one WordPress plugin to make SEO cheaper and easier.

WordPress hosting on other providers is expensive and sometimes doesn’t work that great. Our hosting services are fast for all sites and we give you an easy to use dashboard to manage all the things you need to on the backend, while giving you a WordPress site to show your customers. We make it super easy to get started quickly.

Our UsrView software gives you  more insight than Google Analytics does by looking deeper into your users. UsrView is also able to get personal details like email, name, phone, and more without anyone filling out forms. Letting you better target your users in email campaigns, mailing campaigns or even ad campaigns. You can see all this in our easy to use dashboard. 

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At United Software Technologies, we give each customer a custom dashboard to ensure they have full control of their domain.

Use one of the greatest CMS (Content Management System) to create your perfect website. WordPress gives you the tools to create amazing content without having to know code.


When you use any of our website building tools we give you access to 230+ free and paid templates to make development easier.

With WordPress you get access to thousands of free and paid plugins to add more content to your website to make it better for your visitors.

Flat isometric illustration concept. Install plugins in wordpress templates and web app

United Software Technologies gives you access to a powerful selling tool and templates to build and eCommerce empire with ease.


United Software Technologies is a development companies that specializes in multiple products and services to fulfill our customer’s needs. We create all of our products and services with our customers in mind, making sure that everything we provide is affordable for any small business.

We have created everything from small & large websites to video games for research projects and even launching our own software product to make SEO affordable and for anyone to do, even with zero experience.

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