About Us


United Software Technologies (UST) has been providing high-quality custom software and websites for the past two years, for a variety of platforms and industries. Our broad platform of expertise makes us ideal for multi-platform, cross-platform, and porting projects.


50+ Experts

Our developers work full time remotely and have at least three years of experience. Our managers and team leads have 7+ years of experience. 




We have the expertise for all major mobile platforms, along with emerging ones, and web/database projects. We stay ahead so you don’t have to.


2 years in Business

Our time in the industry has allowed us to complete over 50 projects for iOS, Android, Desktops, Cloud Backend, Web, and Virtual and Augmented Reality.



Secure IP

Work-for-hire employees perform all work for our customers, allowing you to own all the code and underlying things that have to do with the software solution or website.


Our Mission

Tanner Glazier

President/Chief Executive Officer

“UST believes that what we create changes things around us. We use the technology we create to make a better and smarter environment. We offer top-quality service that fits your timeline and budget and shapes the way your company does business.”

Our Team

Our team of experts in designing, developing, testing, and deploying to create a perfect customized application or website for you. Each of our teams scales together to meet any demand a project needs. We can change the skillset, the pace of the group, or even update the team structure within two weeks of a customer’s request.

We handle everything from vacations, sick leaves, and employee turnover, so you don’t have to worry about handling anything. You can rest easy knowing your project is getting finished on time and budget.

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    1. We’ll contact you within 24 hours with more information on our next steps. In the meantime checkout some of our other services.
    2. Our next step will be to collect all the requirements for your project, clarify your business objectives, and expectations towards our cooperation.
    3. After that, we’ll develop a proposal for you.