If you want to become a software developer, don’t give up. You can learn the skills needed for this job in just a few years, and there are several traits that make a good software developer.

Passionate about programming and innovation

Being passionate about programming and innovation, my greatest joy is uncovering secrets of the computer. I enjoy solving problems, finding solutions to complex problems and making things work the way I want them to. The best part is that after you learn one language it is much easier to pickup another one, so you can learn multiple different programming languages fairly quickly.

Desire to learn and grow

The desire to learn and grow while becoming a software developer is extremely important, because the more you learn programming languages, algorithms, etc. the more you can grow your career and become an asset to a company.

Good communication skills

A good software developer has good communication skills. They learn to communicate with others in a variety of situations, for example using text, voice, or video chat. Being able to communicate with your team about issues in the code or the software can help identify problems much sooner, allowing you and your team to focus on creating new features for the project.

Strong work ethic

Working hard is important in any job, but for a software developer it’s essential. Software developers are constantly learning new things and this type of work requires a strong work ethic to make sure the job gets done. Software developers are known for being the most independent workers in the tech industry. This independence requires that developers be self-motivated and self-sufficient, which can be difficult to do if you don’t have the right tools or resources.

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