Benefits of Custom Software Development

Benefits of Custom Software Development

If you run a business, you likely use a piece of software every day to run it. You also likely have to pay a monthly subscription to use the software. Having custom software developed for you can alleviate some of that cost and even possibly save you money in the long run. You may think that having something custom-made for your business would be expensive. We at United Software Technologies will show you the key benefits of having custom software and that it is more within your budget than you think!

What are the Benefits?

1. Custom Software is Tailored to your Brand and its Exact Needs

One of the biggest things with custom software is that it is developed to a company’s exact needs.

If you are using out-of-the-box software, it probably has many features that are very helpful to your brand. But these out-of-the-box software products are made to services multiple different industries, and it may be missing functionality that your business could benefit from.

With a custom software-developed solution, we develop it to your brand’s exact needs. We work with you to get all the functionality you liked and stuff you want to add to ensure that this software helps grow your business even further.

2. Customized Software Can Be Scaled Easily

Because the software is developed specifically for your business, it can be easily integrated with the business and scale with it as well. 

As you can better anticipate your needs, you can easily communicate the changes you need and get the changes done faster. This beats having to wait for an out-of-the-box solution to make the changes or not even do it.

3. Personalized Software Can Lower Cost Over Time

Ready-made software solutions can seem cheaper at first with their monthly plans. But as the business grows, you have to start adding more users or need the features that are in the more expensive plan. Which, over time and can add up.

If you are searching for a long-term solution, it can be a lot cheaper to pay an upfront cost for development. It typically doesn’t require recurring fees, making the custom-made software cheaper in the long run.

4. Custom Software Belongs to You

Your business owns all rights to the custom-developed software for you. You won’t have to worry about the software you use going down because the company you used went out of business. 

5. Custom Software Can Be Maintained As Long As You Need

Never have to worry about the version of the software you are using not being maintained. With a custom software solution, if something needs maintenance, you can reach out to the development company and have them make the changes. This can go on for as long as you want to use the software, and luckily for you aren’t tied down to licenses.

What's the Cost?

The cost of getting something custom developed can seem crazy expensive. You would be surprised to learn that it actually doesn’t cost that much. Although custom software can be a high upfront cost, you can actually see a return on your investment over the course of a few years, especially if you intend for your business to grow. 

Typically with a custom software solution, you can expect to pay at least $10,000 – $25,000 for the software. It can go up in price from that dependent on what you exactly need. But the best way to look at it is if you are paying $5,000 a year to pay for software that you can’t even control and something similar costs you $25,000 to develop. You would have a return on your investment after 5 years, and then after that, you wouldn’t need to pay anything, saving you money in the long run.

How Can United Software Technologies Help?

United Software Technologies can help you in many different ways with custom software. We put together the right team for the project to make sure you are getting quality developers that know what they are doing. This ensures that you have a smooth development process and get exactly what you like. We work with you directly through the whole process, making the changes that you want to making sure that it’s developed strictly for your company.

UST can also help maintain the custom software that you had us develop. We can also maintain software that someone else did at an affordable rate so any business can afford it. With the software we made, we know all about what we did, allowing us to make the changes you need quickly and within your budget.

We get that you want software at an affordable rate, and that’s why we charge you by the project and not by the hour. This allows us to charge you a lower price, and you won’t have to worry about going over budget if it takes longer than we expected. 

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