Wholesale & Retail

Bringing Wholesale and Retail into the digital age

Custom ERP systems for every scenario

Wholesale Management

We work with your business to create a custom ERP solution to handle everything from supply chain management to order fulfillment, to ensure a smooth transition from order to cash in every transaction.

Retail Software

Software engineers work with you to develop retail applications that are designed to support your customers across multiple platforms, and other connected applications.

Ecommerce Solutions

Our software developers help retail businesses create engaging and effective applications to connect with there customers, to ensure easy transactions and create relationships every time.

Update Your Existing Systems

Billing & Payments

Billing is the most important part of a business. Our software developers create custom solutions to make the billing process more efficient while keeping your customers happy through every step of there transaction.

Inventory Management

Keeping your inventory up-to-date is essential to any business. Working with our developers we will create you a custom inventory management solution, so you can see what is coming in and going out to avoid costly errors.

Order Management

Streamline your sales and fulfillment process by working with one of our software engineers. We give you the power to create and revise client orders, pull buyers history to upsell, and have the ability to processing orders quickly and efficiently.

Fleet Management

Our developers work with you to create a fleet-management solution to allow you to optimize your business’s performance for every vehicle in your fleet. Allowing for more productivity, and efficiency for every vehicle throughout its lifecycle.

Vendor & Client Management

A custom CRM solution allows you to advance your business to the next level, allowing you to keep your customers organized and the ability to see contact info, and client history in one place. While also integrating with your other systems.

Integrate with Third-party Systems

Too many systems can lead to confusion and duplicate data across systems. We work with you to create a custom solution integrate with third-party systems already in place. Allowing your business to reduce redundancies and be more efficient.

Our Process

Business Analysis

Our dedicated business analysts work with your team to understand your business’s needs. They take that information and work with our engineers to design a platform for your needs.

Software Development

Once your team has approved our designs, we get to work on developing your platform. We work with you through every step to make sure that everything meets your requirements.


Once development has finished we start replacing the old system and start implementing the newly developed system piece by piece until everything is up and running.

Personnel Training

With any new system comes a learning curve for your team. Our dedicated business analysts and developers work with you to create training, to ensure they are confident in using the new system.

Data Migration

Your businesses data is the core of operations. We ensure that everything is successfully migrated to the new system without inconsistencies or redundancies for a seamless transition to the new system.

System Support

Our relationship with your business doesn’t end after everything is deployed. We continue to work with you to maintain your new system, add in new enhancements, fixes, and any adjustments that are needed. 

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