Big Data

Your Data is a Secret Weapon

Customer Service

Turn your transactional data into information about your customer’s behavior and preferences to refine your products and services, offer support, or turn one time customers into repeat customers.

Sales & Marketing

Being able to segment your data into geography, age, profession, and more can help communicate with your customers more effectively, so you can identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities and connect with buyers personally.

Inventory management

Keeping track of inventory and production rates are essential to your business, using predictive analytics, you can estimate demand, and ensure that your inventory is never low for critical moments.


Process Optimization

Streamline critical processes to remove headaches and improve productivity by making your data easy to manage to remove critical errors in billing, fulfillment, and more.

Our Solutions

Data Engineering

Our team handles everything from data science, analytics, and insights to allow your organization to improve processes and make better decisions to increase your bottom line. We work with top of the line tools like machine learning and AI to get you to your goals.

Predictive Analytics

Analytics isn’t just for seeing what has happened; it can be used to see what is coming for the future. Our engineers are adept at looking at insights and patterns from existing data to predict future trends and outcomes for your business.

Business Intelligence

Every process can be more efficient, and every decision can be more informed. We work with your business to convert your structured and unstructured data into reports that will empower your organization to make refinements for day-to-day operations.

Cloud Managed Services

We work with the largest, most reliable cloud services providers like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to process and store your companies data.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Our relationship doesn’t just end whenever our engagement is over. We pride ourselves on forming ongoing relationships with our clients, supporting each one with software maintenance and analytic support.

Transform your Business using Big Data

Acquire, Grow, & Retain Customers

Big Data gives you insight into who your customers are and what motivates them.

Transform Financial & Management Processes

Analyzing your data can give your company agility and provide insight to help you make better-informed decisions about business strategy.


Create new business models

Explore new strategic options for business growth by using the knowledge you have from exploiting big data.

Optimize operations & Counter Threats

Adopting a big data strategy will help you plan, manage, and maximize your operations, supply chains, and infrastructure assets.

Manage Risk

Identifying and managing financial and operational risk can make you more risk-aware and confident in decision making.

Maximize Insight & Ensure Trust

Explore strategic options for business growth, using new perspectives gained from exploiting big data and analytics

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