Secure software solutions in a digital landscape

Streamlined Solutions for Healthcare

Personalized Patient Experience

Everything from booking systems to mobile healthcare applications, our custom software solutions allow patients to take their healthcare needs into their own hands.

Simplified Processes

Developers help healthcare clients streamline their care and equipment management to give healthcare providers time to focus on their patient’s care.

Enhanced Collaboration

Custom software applications allow medical professionals to collaborate with ease whether they are down the hall, across town, or across the globe.

Security and Compliance

UST engineers are versed in HIPAA compliance and are able to build applications that are designed to keep your patients data confidential and secure.

Why Chose UST

✓ Every client gets a dedicated professional development team that is customer-oriented.

✓ Diverse technology stack experience and our expertise in the healthcare industry allows us to partner with our clients to create an effective solution for any need.

✓ UI and UX developers work to give healthcare companies more visually appealing apps that are made to better patient experiences.

✓ Engineers understand that data privacy is a must for healthcare, therefore, we employ the best practices to ensure that the systems we create are secure and fully compliant to regulations.

Specific Applications

Patient Care

Making critical information accessible with the swipe of a finger, to further enhance access to medical professionals. Most importantly, our software works to improve every aspect of a patient’s experience.

Data Management

Data is important in any business but is particularly important when a patient’s health is on the line. As a result, we work with you to manage data while paying attention to security and compliance. 


Process Management

Creating applications to help our healthcare customers streamline their internal and external processes to meet patient demands for efficiency, transparency, and personalized service.

System Modernization

Legacy systems that are managed on paper and in spreadsheets are no longer efficient enough to meet today’s healthcare needs. In conclusion, we create a software solution to advance into the digital landscape.

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